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Welcome To Eccotarian Aura


It's a situation of CLIMATE EMERGENCY and we are just working to get rid of this mass problem. Use of PLASTIC and CHEMICAL PRODUCTS are the biggest reason to this ECOLOGICAL IMBALANCE, we are just trying to give a choice to the people to use our ZERO HARM and BIODEGRADABLE daily products for an ECO FRIENDLY way of living around the world in this way they'll be helping to make big changes to control the climate. Eccotarians are those ChangeMakers who are trying to control the climate changes of their planet, they are using zero harm products and practicing eco friendly life style for sustainable development in this way we are doing our bit, are you?

Save water from polution

Stop Polluting Water Once a poet said you can live without love, but not without water, water is crucial for life, we trash it

Make the world greener

Too many people today shun the idea of spirituality and focus on existing purely in the here and now.

Keep our earth clean

People are encouraging others to get involved and support efforts working toward a clean environment and healthy planet

Stop Polluting Water

Once a poet said you can live without love, but not without water, water is crucial for life, we trash it, 80 percent of the world’s

Abha Chaudhary , Founder

Running my family business of builders I always try to do new innovative things, this is my passion, I have a little cute family, great businessman & politician hubby Sachin Chaudhary and two kids Aaradhaya & Veer are my all treasure.

I am a huge nature lover as a responsible youth I always had a great concern to big challenges the earth i.e. changing environment, climate problems, pollution and waste management which should be on our priorities now. We all have to play a big role to fight this climate crisis we can't wait for someone to initiate, it's an Emergency, we don't have choice, do or die situation is there, so I advocate for a sustainable living to make our earth a better place to live.

I just love to stay connected with my roots, I was born in a Village, the people of soil villagers always struggle for their survival they have a tough life, they go through with lots of humiliation when it comes to their basic needs. In search to ful fill their requirements they move to metropolitan cities and literally they get nothing in return of their hard work, So I thought how I can help them to become financially sound and stop them leaving their village, then an idea strikeout my mind and Eccotarian was an answer to all my worries. I mixed up the two mottos of my life first is environment and second these people from rural areas and started this business of eco friendly products and handicrafts which gave me satisfaction of a lifetime. We all will have to control our trash by adopting eco friendly and minimalist way of living, this is the only solution to control our climate, let's all be an eccotarian today by adopting and practicing sustainable life. Join the revolution now.

Abha Chaudhary
Environment & minimalism Theorist
Climate & Human Rights Activist
Abha Chaudhary