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Lokesh Bhiwani , People's Mentor

Belongs to the cultural linguistic Indian state Haryana the environmentalist, social worker, traveller, freelance writer and speaker Lokesh Bhiwani is working from the age of 16, he has been a part of 30 small and big social movements during these years.

Recently he did a Long Nature Ride of Haryana State with cycle on the issue of Changing Climate and another 15 States Cultural Expedition for Communal Harmony.

Lokesh is our eccotarian link to rural Indian organic manufactures and the Handicraft artisans, he search for organic and biodegradable items, provides raw materials to artisans and researching on the climate friendly packaging materials for our zero harm products. He also handles the training and motivation sessions at eccotarian.

Lokesh Bhiwani
People's Mentor
Nature Activist & Motivational Speaker
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